Wednesday, May 23, 2012

I apologise for the lack of updates

I am very sorry for not updating this blog. It is not that I abandoned it, I just feel I don't have enough experience in comparison to many high skilled cosplayers out there. When I get more experience I will be back updating. I would like to focus this blog more on the modelling side of cosplay as that is my main focus now. Thanks very much for reading and if I come across anything of use I will post about it! I hope you have learned something so far. Thanks.


  1. When you cosplay, let us know what you did and how you felt doing it. You can also mention the reactions of the community to the cosplay.

    I think any thing you may write will be helpful to new cosplayers. You already have some great exposure to the world of cosplay in Ireland.

    Keep posting when you can and we will keep reading :D

  2. You are right Dan. This is alot to talk about. I will be back updating now! Thanks so much for your support. :)